Impact Factor

 Impact Factor     

International Scientific Indexing (ISI) 2013: 1.366

InfoBase Index Factor: 2014-15: 3.18

SJIFactor: 2013: 2.398

Global Impact Factor: 2015: 0.614

ICDS Value: 3.6

IC Value: 76.46

Directory of Science: 9.03

Journal Quality Indicator of India (JQII): 1.134

Cosmos Impact Factor : 2015: 3.269


The impact factor for Int.J.Bioassays 2015 is calculated based on last two year period, and considered average number of times published papers are cited in other referred journals and found 4.15*.

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Index Copernicus

Index Copernicus value (ICV 2015): 76.46

InfoBase Index IBI Factor for International Journal of Bioassays [ISSN:2278-778X] for the year 2014-15 is 3.18

Global Impact Factor (GIF) Ratings International Journal of Bioassays credited Impact Factor for 2012: 0.287 and for 2013: 0.398

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International Scientific Indexing (ISI) Impact factor based on International citation report (ICR), International Journal of Bioassays is (impact Factor) awarded 1.366 for the year 2013.


Directory of Science: 9.02

SJIF 2012 = 2.769 (Scientific Journal Impact Factor Value for 2012). 2013=Under evaluation.


Cosmos Impact Factor : 2015: 3.269


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