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Some aspects of the reproductive physiology of the Flathead grey mullet Mugil cephalus (Linnaeus, 1758) in Benghazi coast, eastern Libya.

Mohammad El-Mor, Souad A. M. Moftah, Yousef K. A. Abdalafid*, Bulkasim M. Abdulnabi


The reproductive physiology of 530 specimens of Mugil cephalus (Family: Mugilidae) were collected from catches by gill and trammel nets operating on Benghazi coast on Mediterranean Sea - Libya  was studied, there were monthly variations in sex ratio and a tendency for females (298 fish = 56.2%) than males (232 fish = 43.8%) for the whole population, Overall sex ratio was (1 : 1.28) for males to females respectively, First maturation size was determined for females L50  = 34.1 cm and for males L50  = 32.3 cm, All individuals have definite breeding season which extends from July to October, An increase in Oocyte diameters was evident in July (489 µ ± 5.34), and this increase continued in the following months till October (599 µ ± 11.04), the absolute fecundity ranged from 578981 to 2598022 for fish total length ranging from 19.5 to 47.4 cm, whereas relative fecundity ranged from 29036 to 57352 / cm.


Reproductive physiology; grey mullet; eastern Libya.

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