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Bioanalytical method development and validation of simultaneous analysis of telmisartan and hydrochlorthiazide in human plasma using LC-MS/MS

Mathew George*, Lincy Joseph, Arpit Kumar Jain, Anju V.


A simple, sensitive, rapid and economic high performance thin layer chromatographic method and a mass spectroscopic assay method has been developed for the quantification of telmisartan and hydrochlorthiazide combination in human plasma. The internal standards and analytes were extracted from human plasma by solid-phase extraction with HLB Oasis1cc (30mg) catridges. The scanning and optimization for the samples are done using methanol: water (50:50). The samples were chromatographed using reverse phase chromatography with C-18 column of different manufacturers like Ascentis C18 (150×4. 6, 5µ) using the buffer system Acetonitrile: Buffer (80:20%v/v) which consist of 2±0. 1Mm ammonium format at a flow rate of 0. 7ml/min at a column oven temperature 35±10c. The internal standard used was hydrochlorthiazide13c1, d2 and telmisartand3. The extraction techniques include conditioning, loading, washing and elution, drying followed by reconstitution of the dried samples. The volume injected was 10µl with the retention time of 3-4 min for telmisartan, 1-2 min for hydrochlorthiazide and for the internal standards the retention time was 3-4 min for telmisartand3 and 1-2 min for hydrochlorthiazide c13d2. The rinsing solution was Acetonitrile: HPLC grade water in the ratio (50:50). The above developed method was validated using various parameters like selectivity and sensitivity, accuracy and precision, matrix effects, % recovery and various stability studies. The method was proved to be sensitive, accurate, precise and reproducible. The preparation showed high recovery for the quantitative determination of telmisartan and hydrochlorthiazide in human plasma.


Telmisartan; Hydrochlorthiazide; Solid phase extraction; Liquid chromatography –Mass spectroscopy; Bioanalytical validation.

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