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Bioassay screening of the ethanolic extract of Tithonia diversifolia leaves on selected microorganisms

Anthoney Swamy T*, Jackie Obey K, Miyogo Edwin, Lasiti T Timothy


The study was conducted to analyze the antibacterial activity of Tithonia diversifolia leaves. The plant was extracted using Ethanol and water in the ratio 9:1. From the study  the plant Tithonia diversifolia was found to inhibit the growth of  Staphilococcus epidermidis (36.80mm), Enterobacter aerogenes (31.20mm), Streptococcus α-hemolytic (29.60mm), Bacillus cereus (26.2mm), Escherichia coli (10.40mm) and Streptococcus γ-hemolytic (0.000mm)The data collected and documented in this paper is a scientifically justification that the plant can be used to treat against various diseases caused by Staphilococcus epidermidis and  Enterobacter aerogenes. However, further studies need to be done to identify the mode of action of the active compounds in the plant.


Tithonia diversifolia; Antibacterial; Medicinal herbs; Leaves; Ethanol; Aqua.

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