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Antagonistic effects of bacteriocin and lactobacillales on stem rot causing Sclerotium rolfsii in betel

Malay Mandal, Subhas Chandra Jana*


Economic potentiality of betel vine (Piper betle L.) is always under threat of fungal diseases caused by various soil borne phytopathogenic fungi. Betel vine production accounts for extensive economic loss due to collar rot caused by Sclerotium rolfsii. With a view to search an eco-friendly biocontrol system for the management of S. rolfsii, we have studied the antagonistic effect of a bacteriocinogenic Lactic Acid Bacteria (LAB) strain, Lactococcus lactis JC10 and produced bacteriocin on this pathogen. Significant decrease in mycelia growth of Sclerotium in dual culture plate experiment was observed. There is also noteworthy amount of decrease in growth rate of Sclerotium mycelium in presence of viable L. lactis JC10 in medium. Crude bacteriocin (25% v/v) in a PDA plate can totally seize the mycelia growth. It was also found that crude bacteriocin treatment of Sclerotium spore can delay germination considerably.


Betel; Biocontrol; Collar Rot; Sclerotium rolfsii

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