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Oxidative chemical polymerization kinetics of o-chloroaniline and characterization of the obtained polymer in aqueous hydrochloric acid solution using k2cr2o7 as oxidizing agent

S. M. Sayyah*, S. M. Mohamed


The oxidative chemical polymerization of o-chloroaniline (OClA) was studied in hydrochloric acid solution using potassium dichromate as oxidant at 5 ± 0.20C. The effects of potassium dichromate, hydrochloric acid and monomer concentrations on the polymerization reaction were investigated. The order of reaction with respect to potassium dichromate, hydrochloric acid and monomer concentrations were found to be 1.035, 1.116 and 0.966 respectively. Also, the effect of temperature on the polymerization rate was studied and the apparent activation energy of the polymerization reaction was found to be 18.49 kJ/mol. The obtained polymer was characterized using elemental analysis, XPS, IR and UV-visible. The surface morphology of the obtained polymer was characterized by X-ray diffraction and transmission electron microscopy (TEM). The TGA analysis was used to confirm the proposed structure and number of water molecules in each polymeric chain unit.


Oxidative Chemical Polymerization; O-Chloroaniline; Characterization; Kinetics

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