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The effect of confidor on histology of the gill, liver and kidney of the fish Labeo rohita (hamilton)

Anthony Reddy P., Veeraiah K.*, Tata Rao S., Vivek Ch.


The fresh water Indian Major carp fish, Labeo rohita (Hamilton) was exposed to Sub-lethal (Static, 96 h LC50) concentrations of confidor for 96 h. The static LC50 values obtained were 14,260 mg/L, 13,710 mg/L and 11,900 mg/L for 24, 48 and 96h. The vital tissue like gill, liver and kidney were isolated and studied for the changes in the histology of these organs. The damages in primary and secondary gill lamellae of the fish exposed to sub-lethal concentration of confidor were observed. The damages in the gills of the fish exposed to the higher concentration were more compared to sub-lethal exposures. Shortened and clubbing of the ends of the secondary gill lamellae, fusion of adjacent secondary gill lamellae and necrosis in the primary gill lamellae were well marked. Many marked degenerative changes were observed in liver of the fish Labeo rohita exposed to sub-lethal concentration of confidor.  Pathological changes observed in the liver include change in the shape and size of the hepatocytes, rupture and degeneration of hepatic cells, formation of more number of vacuoles, etc. Changes in the kidney of the fish Labeo rohita exposed to sub-lethal concentration of confidor were vacuolization, degeneration of cell membrane, damage of haemopoietic tissue and renal tubules and hypertrophy of nuclei, etc. The resulting changes were shown in photographs were discussed in detail with the available literature.


Labeo rohita; confidor; secondary gill lamellae; hepatic cells; haemopoietic tissue and renal tubules.

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