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To assess cardio-vascular risks in diabetes mellitus type – 2 and its correlation with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease

Nikhil Verma*, Jaswant Singh, Tarsem Pal Singh, Dr. Sapna, Praveen Garg


DM is the most common endocrine disease of human characterized by metabolic abnormalities leading to long term complication involving heart, kidney, liver, GIT, nerves and blood vessels, thereby causing morbidity and mortality. Diabetic patients often develop cardiovascular disease and it is the main cause of the high risk of premature death in these patients. Compared with non-diabetic subjects, people with tpe-2 DM appear to have an increased risk of developing Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and certainly have a higher risk of developing fibrosis and cirrhosis. Metabolic syndrome is a strong predictor of Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. A total number of 100 diabetic patients were included in the study. After the detailed history, clinical examination, ultrasonography and other planned investigations, 50 patients were found to have Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease while 50 patients were without Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. The prevalence of metabolic syndrome in diabetic patients was 59%. 70% of Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease patients were having metabolic syndrome while in patients without Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease were having 48%. Metabolic syndrome is a well- known precursor of cardiovascular disease. Recognition of their presence, early diagnosis and management of these cardiovascular risk can reduce morbidity and mortality in diabetic patient.


Diabetes Mellitus; Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver; Metabolic Syndrome; Cardiovascular risk.

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