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Clinical profile of pancytopenia: a tertiary care experience

Bhagwan Singh Yadav*, Amit Varma, Priyanka Kiyawat


This study was done to document the clinico-hematological profile of pancytopenia in adult patients. A total of 53 cases of pancytopenia were diagnosed during the period of Jan 2012 to Dec 2012. Full blood count was performed in all the cases. Clinical variables were recorded for each patient. Out of 53 cases 29 were male. The mean age of patients was 35.15±12.6 years. Pallor and fever were the main presenting symptoms. The main etiological cause of pancytopenia in our case series was megaloblastic anaemia followed by septicaemia and alcoholic and non-alcoholic liver disease. Early identification of the underlying conditions would help in understanding the disease process, and early planning for further investigations and management will enhance survival rate of a case with pancytopenia.


Pancytopenia; Megaloblastic anemia; Septicemia; Leukemia; Aplastic anemia

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