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Methyl parathion (50% ec) induced changes in protein and DNA banding patterns in the fish Channa punctatus (bloch)

Veeraiah K.*, Padmavathi P., Tata Rao S., Vivek Ch.


The acute toxicity tests for 24, 48, 72 and 96 h to the fish  Channa punctatus were conducted with an organophosphate pesticide methyl parathion 50% EC in both static and continuous flow-through methods. The LC50 values obtained for static test were 0.6661, 0.6473, 0.6200 and 0.5949 ppm respectively for static and 0.5736, 0.5592, 0.5364 and 0.521 ppm respectively for continuous flow-through method. The 1/10th of static 96 h LC50 value was taken as sub-lethal concentration and the fish were exposed to both lethal and sub-lethal concentrations for 8 days and the vital tissue of the fish viz., gill, liver, brain, muscle and kidney were isolated and analyzed for study of changes in protein and DNA banding patterns. The Rm values were derived from the electrophoretogram along with the marker. The changes in Rm values indicate that marked variations were taken place in both the protein and DNA bands. The changes in lethal exposure were more prominent compared to sub-lethal exposure. These changes were attributed to the intoxication of the test toxicant methyl parathion. The results obtained were discussed with the available literature.


Methyl Parathion; Channa punctatus;LC50; Protein; DNA and Electrophoresis

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