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Study of stature by foot length measurement in Madhya Pradesh

Seema Sutay*, Vishal Surwade, Upendra Kumar Tiwari, N. K. Singh, S. C. Chauhan


Anthropometric measurements have been important parameter for personal identification since 1879sof Bertillons period. In this article we have used foot print measurements of R D Gardi Medical College students, where Residents of Madhya Pradesh as well as Non- Madhya Pradesh regions have been covered. As there was no study conducted on footprint length for stature estimation in Madhya Pradesh, this study can be helpful to estimate stature in this population. We have tried to compare the observation of stature observed and calculated between Madhya Pradesh and Non-Madhya Pradesh representing Indian population as a whole along with Gender and Side to which it belongs. The results so obtained are encouraging to utilize Foot length and foot prints length as parameter to estimate stature in India.


Forensic Anthropology; Stature; Foot Length; Identification.

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