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Influence of cotton ginning mill effluents on soil protease and urease activity

Sahana M., Gouthami P., Saida Naik L., Venkateswar Reddy K.*, Ranjit P.


Release of cotton ginning mill effluents on agricultural lands causes  changes in nutrient cycling and organic matter processing .In the present study, cotton ginning industry mill discharged soil (test), and un discharged soil (control) were collected from surrounding area of cotton ginning mill. The physicochemical, biological properties and soil enzyme activities such as protease and urease were examined. These physicochemical, biological properties effect up on soil fertility. The experimental results indicated that, most of the physicochemical properties such as silt, clay, water holding capacity, organic matter and total nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium and microbial population and selected soil enzyme activities were significantly higher in the test sample than control sample. Additionally, activities were increased with increasing incubation period up to 21 d over 0 d, however, activities were adversely effected at 28 d. Furthermore, relatively higher activities were observed in soil incubated in the presence of substrate than in the absence of substrate.


Cotton Ginning mill; Effluents; Physicochemical; Biological; Soil Enzymes.

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