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Molluscan fauna of hard substrate along the coastal zone of western Libya

Najla M. Abushaala, Taher Shaibi*, Hassan M. Howaege


A total of 36 molluscs species were encountered along the western coast of Libya between Gout alruman and Tellil. Samples were collected during September and October 2004 using a 25 × 25 cm quadrate on a sectorial belt. Gastropoda was the most dominant class with 25 species followed by Bivalvia (10 species) and one species of Polyplacophora. No significant differences in number of molluscan species were recorded between locations. The results showed a clear variations in the quantity of benthic animals in all studied station which ranged between 136 – 7276 individuals.


Abundance; Benthic;Diversity; Intertidal; Libya; Mollusca; Rock substrate

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