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Electropolymerization and characterization of nano ortho methoxy phenol-co-pyrrole film

Elsaeid Sayyah, Fatma Mohamed, Mohamed Shaban*


Simple Electrochemical method has been used to prepare poly o-methoxy phenol-pyrrole P (o-MP-co-pyrrole). Effects of different reaction parameters such as temperature, monomer and acid concentrations on the growth of the copolymer are studied by using cyclic voltammetry. The kinetic studies indicate that the orders of the reaction are 2.1 and 0.75 for monomer and acid concentrations, respectively. The apparent activation energy is calculated to be 42.2 kJ/mol. In addition, the fabricated copolymer is characterized and investigated by 1H-NMR, TGA, IR-UV spectroscopy, XRD, SEM and elemental analysis. Moreover, the mechanism of the reaction is proposed and discussed by using Fineman-Ross method.


Copolymer; pyrrole; orho methoxy-phenol; cyclic voltammetry; Kinetic studies; and mechanism

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