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Feeding habits of the of the thin lip grey mullet liza ramada (risso, 1826) in Ain El-Ghazala Lagoon, Eastern Libya

Fatma Rafalah*, Mohammad El-Mor


The feeding habits of 500 specimens of Liza ramada (family: Mugilidae), inhabiting Ain El_Ghazala lagoon, were studied monthly from January to December 2013. The annual diet composition, monthly variations in the diet composition, the variations of diet with length and the intensity of feeding were studied. Liza ramada feed on a wide variety of prey types: Diatoms (41.3%), Polychaetes (18.8%), Green algae (16.8 %), Crustacea (11.0%), Foraminifera (3.5%) and Sediments (8.7%). The Diatoms, Polychaetes, Green algae and Crustacea, were the major food item all year round and it was found in all length groups. In the present study Diatoms, Green algae and Sediments increased as the size increased while Polychaetes, Crustacea and Foraminifera decreased as the fish size increased. The feeding intensity was quite high during the winter and autumn.


Feeding habits; Liza ramada; eastern coast; Mediterranean Sea; eastern Libya

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