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Significance of seroprevalence of hepatitis b in HIV positive patients

Sureena Chouhan, Geeta Parihar, Seema Srivastava*


Study was undertaken to find out the significance of the co-infection of HBV/ HIV. HBV/HIV co-infection is a growing public health concern because both the diseases spread in a similar way. This co-infection has an increased risk of fibrosis and cirrhosis. Out of 256 samples 12 samples were positive for HBV i.e. 4.68% positivity. Highest prevalence was found among age group 36-45  years (50%), while not a single HBV positive case were recorded in less than 15 years of age. 6 out of 12  patients were between of 36-45 year of age, which implies that HBV infection is more common in adults. These observations will help the health professionals to deal better with HBV & HIV co-infected patients and will reinforces the need of prevention programs, which also lead to reduction in prevalence of HBV in HIV infected patients.


Seroprevalence; HIV-HBV co-infection; cirrhosis; fibrosis

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