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Comparative evaluation of body mass index and waist- hip ratio as risk factor parameters in coronary artery disease patients and normal individuals.

Anand Sharma, Harinder Jot Singh, Sharanjit Kaur*


One hundred diagnosed patients of coronary artery disease including those of angina pectoris, unstable angina and acute MI were examined anthropometrically. Patients with known risk factor like smoking, hypertension and diabetes mellitus were excluded from this study. BMI and waist hip ratio were calculated along with the variables of age sex, and socio-economic status. This was compared with those of one hundred healthy individual this study involved age groups of 40yrs and above. The study and controlled group were analyzed statistically. Waist- hip ratio in the study group was higher (91/100) and comparatively lower (59/100) in the control group. Thus central obesity is significantly associated with coronary artery disease and it can be taken as a better index as compared to body mass index as a risk factor parameter for coronary artery disease.  It was also observed the affected age for coronary artery disease was from 50 years to 70 years and predominantly male from middle income group from urban area. Waist- hip ratio is the better indicator for the coronary artery disease than body mass index.


Body Mass Index; Waist-Hip Ratio; Central Obesity; Coronary Artery Disease

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