Evaluation of antioxidant mechanism relationship with adrenal hormone insufficiency in the tissues of rat.

Kavitha K., Rajendra W., Bhaskar M.


Changes in antioxidant metabolism in liver, heart, kidney and muscle tissues were observed on adrenalectomy. Uric acid levels were increased significantly in liver and kidney and it was depleted in muscle upon ADX. Ascorbic acid levels were depleted significantly in Liver and muscle and in contrast in heart and kidney they were significantly increased. Liver, heart and muscle showed a significant increase of glutathione content whereas in kidney it was significantly decreased. The present finding, in general, exhibit tissue specific alterations in free radical metabolism in conjunction with antioxidant defense mechanisms during adrenal hormone deficiency. It is also clear from the results that the mechanisms involved in selective activation / inhibition of different pathways seems to reflect multifaceted physiological adaptations as a compensatory measure during induced adrenalectomy.


Adrenalectomy; Antioxidant metabolism; Sham operated

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.21746/ijbio.2013.01.0023


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