Safety assessment of potential probiotic strains Lactobacillus rhamnosus 231 and Lactobacillus rhamnosus v92 in mouse model

Padma Ambalam, J. M. Ramoliya, J. M. Dave, B. R. M. Vyas*


Two human lactobacilli strains L. rhamnosus 231 (Lr 231) and L. rhamnosus V92 (Lr V92) exhibits potential probiotic properties. In the present study we evaluated safety of these strains by using (i) in vitro test; non haemolytic and antibiotic sensitivity (ii) in vivo trials using mouse model by an orally feeding 1x109 cfu of Lr 231 and Lr V92 to Swiss albino mice for 2 weeks. During the experimental period, probiotic strains did not produce any adverse effect on the general health status, feed intake and body weight. No viable Lr 231 or Lr V92 cells were recovered from blood or tissue (liver and spleen) of mice. No treatment-associated illness or death was observed. Microscopic observation of liver and spleen sections did not show any sign of inflammation, degeneration or necrosis. The potential probiotic strains Lr 231 and Lr V92 possess no hemolytic activity, antibiotic sensitivity pattern was evaluated and are non-toxic to mice and appear to be safe for human use.


Bacterial Translocation; Bacteremia; Lr 231; Lr V92; Safety; Swiss albino mice

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