Synthesis and evaluation of novel pyrimidyl thio methyl and pyrimidyl sulfinyl methyl benzimidazoles derivatives for their antiulcer activity

Tribhuvan Singh*, S. A. Sreenivas, R. Parameshwar, Mr. Abhimanyu, Indira K., Vyashnavi Vuppala, Ch. Lavanya, M. Srinivas


A series of novel pyrimidylthiomethyl benzimidazole ( IIa-c) and pyrimidylsulfinylmethyl benzimidazolles (III a-c ) have been synthesized and evaluated for their antiulcer activity, by the pylorus ligation of rats ( say method ). Compound IIa and IIIa when evaluated significantly decreased the gastric acid secretion, free acidity, as well as gastric ulcer in the pylorus ligated rats and the effects are dose dependent and comparable to omeprazole of the two compounds, the sulfinyl derivative IIIa is more effective then the thio analog IIa.


Antiulcer agents; H/K ATPase inhibitors; Pyridylmethylsulfinyl benzimidazole; Pyrimidylthiomethyl benzimidazole; Pyrimidylsulfinylmethyl benzimidazole.

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