Thyroid dysfunction and dyslipedemia in type-2 diabetes mellitus

Pawan Kumar Gupta


The present study was undertaken to observe altered TSH level in type 2 diabetes mellitus and simultaneously a co-relation study done by performing parameters like lipid and thyroid profile in type 2 diabetes mellitus subjects with that of controls. The samples analyzed were 200 which included 100 control group (52 males and 48 females) and 100 type-2 diabetes patients (51 males and 49 females), whose fasting venous blood samples had been taken and analyzed for following parameters like blood sugar, serum cholesterol, serum HDL cholesterol, serum LDL cholesterol, calculated VLDL cholesterol, serum triglyceride, serum T3, serum T4, and serum TSH. It has been seen that hypothyroidism and hyperlipidemia had frequently encountered in type-2 diabetes mellitus.  These parameters so far have been a better index for monitoring of type-2 diabetes mellitus. The study suggest that there is has been a negative co-relation with Total cholesterol compared to that of T3 and T4, whereas a positive co-relation was observed with TSH. HDL cholesterol had shown a positive co-relation with T3 and T4, and no significant co-relation with TSH. Similarly LDL-Cholesterol had a negative co-relation with T3 and no significant co-relation with T4 and TSH. It was noticed that VLDL had a decreasing co-relation with T3 and T4 but no significant co-relation with that of TSH. The Triglycerides has no significant relation with T3 but decreasing trend have been noticed.  A significant negative co-relation with T4 but no co-relation with TSH.


Hypothyroidism; Hyperthyroidism; TSH; FBS; Diabetes Mellitus; lipid profile; Total T3; Total T4

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