Evaluation of preventive effect of Withania somnifera root extract against ethanol induced ulcers in rats

Raghuveer B.*, Chakarvarthy K., Umamaheswara Raju S.


Peptic  ulcer  is  a   serious  gastrointestinal  disorder  required  to  be treated  with  various  drugs.  According  to  Ayurvedha,  Withania  somnifera  was used  to   treat   various  diseases  including  peptic  ulcer.  The  present  study  was  designed  to  evaluate  the  antiulcer  activity  of  plant  in  ethanol  induced  gastric  ulcer.  Wister Albino rats were selected and divided into five groups.  Group-I (normal saline),  group-II (Sucraflate) , group-III (Alpha  Lipoic  acid  powder),  group-IV &  group-V  administered  graded  doses  of  plant  extract. The drug was given to rats prior to administration of ethanol.  Rats were scarified and examined for severity of ulceration. Rats  pretreated  with  standard  drug  and  plant  extract  showed  significant  decrease  in  the  average  number  of  ulcers,  scoring  of  ulcer  and  ulcer  incidence  and  decreased  ulcer  indexation.  The  standard  drugs  and  plant  extract  significantly  inhibit  the  ulcer  formation. There  are  several  targets  and  drugs  required  to  treat  the  peptic  ulcer.  Currently increased uses of plants are in treatment of this disease.  So  the  present  study  was  done  to  evaluate  the  preventive  effect  of   Withania  somnifera  antiulcer  activity  in  ethanol  induced  ulcer.  This  study  observations  proved, that  this plant  has anti-ulcer  activity and  can  be used as   an alternative and adjuvant in  the  treatment  of  ulcer  disease.  There  is  a  requirement  of  further  studies  to  find  the  active  component  and  dosage  of   the  plant extract.


Peptic ulcer; Ulcer Index; Ethanol; Alpha Lipoic acid

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.21746/ijbio.2013.06.0022


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