Modeling and optimization of main factors in rhamno lipid production process by Pseudomonas aeruginosa hr

Rashedi H.*, M. Mazaheri Assadi


Producing bacterium of rhamnolipid in this research is, P. aeruginosa HR was isolated from Iranian oil wells. First, the effect of three factors pH (6.5-7.5), Temperature (30-35˚C), and Carbon/Nitrogen ratio (C/N) (24-32) on biosurfactant production were investigated using Taguchi model. Lindhard medium which is known as the best culture medium in laboratory scale was used and optimum condition (pH = 7.5, T = 33˚C, C/N ratio = 24) was determined. Then, under the obtained optimum condition, in semi-pilot scale (fermenter), the effect of three important factors, C/N ratio (14-24), stirrer rate (100-400 rpm), and aeration rate (0.5-2 Vvm) was evaluated using Taguchi model. The optimum condition was as follows: C/N ratio = 18, stirrer rate = 100 rpm, aeration rate = 1.5 Vvm. Finally, the experimental data for laboratory and fermenter scales were compared with estimated values according to a mathematical model for the production of biosurfactants at this research from P. aeruginosa. The appropriate polynomial expansions that coincide with these data were obtained by exponential method.


Modeling and Optimization; Biosurfactant; Pseudomonas aeruginosa; Taguchi model; Rhamnolipid.

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