Association of -590c/t interleukin-4 gene promoter polymorphism with atopic asthma in south Indian people

Vishnumaya C. P., Sudha S*, Suhail N, Gemitha G., Saranya R. S., Sreejaya S.


Interleukin-4 (IL-4) is a key cytokine involved in the development of atopy and asthma. The IL-4 promoter region would seem to be the most likely site for polymorphism. Our study was to identify polymorphisms within the promoter region of IL-4 (–590C/T) and check their association with atopic asthma in a group of south Indian population. Polymerase chain reaction based restriction analysis was performed in DNA samples of 56 atopic asthma patients and 42 healthy control subjects of equivalent gender, age, and ethnicity. The genotypic frequency of the IL-4 promoter was significantly greater among patients than controls (p=0.044). A positive association between the IL-4 -590 TT genotype and elevated levels of IgE was confirmed in the study population (p=0.05) with an increased risk for the development of atopic asthma. These results suggest correlation between genetic variability at the promoter of IL-4 gene (-590C/T) and occurrence of atopic asthma.


Atopy; Asthma; Il-4 Gene Promoter; genotypic frequency; Single-Nucleotide Polymorphism; yu787 Total IgE.

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