Some aspects of the reproductive biology of the thin lip grey mullet Liza ramada (Risso, 1826) In Ain El-Ghazala Lagoon, Eastern Libya

Yousef K.A Abdalhafid*, Mohammad El-mor


The reproductive biology of 250 specimens of Liza ramada (Family: Mugilidae) collected from catches by gill and trammel nets on Ain El-Ghazala lagoon (Eastern Libya) in the Mediterranean Sea was studied. There were monthly variations in sex ratio between females (159 fish = 63.6%) and males (91 fish = 36.4%). Sex ratio was (1: 1.75) for males to females respectively. The length at 50% maturity was 18.45 cm for females and 16.45 cm for males. The breeding season extends from September to February. Oocyte diameters increase from September (45 ± 12.4 µm), until February (632 ± 66.1 µm). The absolute fecundity ranged was from 61233 to 256677 for fish with the total length ranging from 16.5 to 32.4 cm, whereas relative fecundity ranged from 3479 to 82.1cm-1.


Mugilidae; Liza romada; Reproductive biology; Mediterranean Sea; Eastern Libya

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