Antimicrobial activity of actinomycetes associated with an unidentified sponge from lemukutan island, Indonesia on various medium and incubation time

Risa Nofiani*, Mega Sari Juane, Dr. Safiana, Puji Ardiningsih, Afghani Jayuska, Titin Anita Zahara


Three isolates of Actinomycetes namely MA02, MA03, and MA04 were isolated from an unidentified sponge, Lemukutan Island, Indonesia. They were identified as Streptomyces based on Bergey’s Manual of Determinative Bacteriology. In the preliminary screening, all of the isolates showed antimicrobial activities towards 13 microorganism tests. However, the activities were not similar when their extract produced from various medium and incubation time  were tested. Their cultivation was conducted on M13 agar with incubation time for 3 days, M13 broth with incubation time for 4 days, M2+ broth with incubation time for 7 days and M2+ broth with incubation time for 9 days. The result of antimicrobial assay showed difference in the ability to inhibit the microorganism tests. The  best antimicrobial activity of the extracts based on cultivated condition (medium and incubation time)  for Streptomyces MA02, Streptomyces MA03, and Streptomyces MA04 were M2+ broth for 3 days, M2+ broth for 9 days and M2+ broth for 9 days respectively.


Antimicrobial Activity; Actinomycetes; Streptomyces; Sponge

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