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Seasonal variation of proximate composition of Istiophorus platypterus from Visakhapatnam fishing harbor, East Coast of India.

John Kiran P., Annapurna Y., Krishna P., Sreeramulu K.


Seasonal variation of proximate composition (moisture, protein, fat and ash) of Istiophorus platypterus was analysed for one year (January 2016 to December 2016) from Visakhapatnam fishing harbor, east coast of India. The results indicated that the proximate composition of the fish depends on season. The total mean values of moisture percentage was found more in monsoon (78.36±0.09) season, followed by pre-monsoon (77.90±0.12) and post-monsoon (77.81±0.17), whereas protein content was found more in pre-monsoon (18.38±0.09) season followed by monsoon (17.45±0.09) and post-monsoon (16.52±0.09) season, the fat percentage was accumulated more in the season of post-monsoon (2.15±0.07) followed by pre-monsoon (2.13±0.12) and monsoon (1.81±0.10), while ash content observed high in post-monsoon (3.15±0.16) followed by monsoon (1.97±0.08) and pre-monsoon (1.46±0.150 season respectively.


East coast of India; Proximate composition; sail fish; seasonal variation; Visakhapatnam.

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