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Cadmium-induced alterations in bio-chemical constituents of Labeo rohita and Cyprinus carpio fry: A comparative study

Surya Kumari Vadlamani, Charan Kumar Basuri, Prabhakara Rao Yallapragada*


Cadmium is a well-known heavy metal toxicant which can interfere with metabolism of carbohydrates, proteins and lipids by inhibiting the enzymes involved in the processes. In the present investigation, the effect of cadmium was evaluated on these biochemical constituents in two fresh water fish fry Labeo rohita and Cyprinus carpio. Fish fry of Labeo rohita and Cyprinus carpio were exposed to their respective sub-lethal concentrations (1/5th of LC50), 0.1998 ppm and 4.938 ppm of cadmium for a period of 20days. Total carbohydrates, proteins and lipids were estimated by standard biochemical procedures in control and exposed fish fry. Results showed significant fall in all the biochemical constituents and energy levels of exposed fish fry, indicating that the organism is under toxicant stress.


Cadmium; Biochemical constituents; Labeo rohita and Cyprinus carpio

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