Antagonistic activity of the Streptomyces species isolated from rhizospheric soil of selected medicinal important plants.

M. Mary Vijaya Kumary*, B. Chandrasekhar Raju


A total eleven streptomyces species were isolated from the plant rhizosphere soils. Extract were prepared by using Mineral medium and tested for their antibacterial activity against the Enterobacteriaceae members. Seven isolates (63%) of the streptomyces extracts were active against five pathogenic bacteria. 5 isolates (45%) of the Streptomyces extracts doesn’t showed any activity against the 5 pathogenic organisms. 80% of the inhibition was showed by strain no 6 & 10 in the organisms E. coli, K. pneumoniae and S. flexineri. 70-75% of inhibition was showed by strain no 3, 4, 5 and 11 on the organisms K. pneumoniae, S. typhi, E. coli and S. flexineri.


Medicinal Plants; Rhizospheric Soil; Actinomycetes; Antagonistic Activity; Enterobacteriaceae

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