Screening of F1 progeny for selection of superior hybrids in mulberry (Morus spp.) - A simple approach PART I: Screening of seedlings in relation to seed size

Daryoush Shafiei, Basavaiah *


In mulberry (Morus spp.), the process of selection of promising hybrids from F1 population requires the screening of a large number of progenies and a long period. To develop a simple and faster approach for screening, studies were conducted using F1 seeds of two crosses. The details of screening studies conducted in relation to seed-size and seedling-size are reported separately in two parts. In this part, the F1 seeds were size-graded as small, medium and large seeds; their progenies were raised separately and screened in nursery. There was a considerable degree of variation in size of seeds and medium-size class seeds were in high percentage in both the crosses. The length, width and weight of seeds were also varied between the seed size classes significantly in both the crosses. The seed size classes differ with high significance in shoot length and Root collar diameter and also differ significantly in root length and weight of seedlings. The positive correlation between the seed size and growth of seedlings, seed size and germination, seed size and seedling survival in nursery indicated that size-grading of seeds and rejection of small seeds in the beginning of screening process itself, may help to increase the efficiency of screening by increasing the chances of getting superior hybrids from limited progenies. However, confirmation on the performance of large seedlings from small seed size class may help to draw conclusion. Hence, the studies are continued with size-grading of seedlings in the next part of screening study.


F1 hybrids screening; Mulberry breeding; Root collar diameter; seed-size; seedling growth.

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