Copepod parasites of marine fishes Gazza achlamys (Jordan & Starks, 1917) and Ariomma indica (Day, 1871) from Visakhapatnam coast, Andhra Pradesh, India.

Siva Prasad K.*, Sreeramulu K., N. V. Prasad


A survey has been conducted to collect copepod parasites from Gazza achlamys (Jordan & Starks, 1917) and Ariomma indica (Day, 1871) off Visakhapatnam coast. Altogether, seven copepod species were identified. They are Caligus kuroshino (Shiino, 1960), Bomolochus decapteri (Yamaguti, 1936), Bomolochus nothrus (Wilson, 1913), Pseudartacolax lateolabracis (Yamaguti et al., 1959), Pumiliopes opisthopteri (Shen, 1957), Lernanthropus amphitergum (Pearse, 1951) and Lernanthropus ilishae (Chin, 1948). A list of hosts parasites and brief description of these parasites has given in this paper.


Copepod parasites; Gazza achlamys; Aariomma indica; Visakhapatnam coast; South India.

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