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Simultaneous assay of Mupirocin and Metronidazole in formulations using Reverse Phase-High Performance Liquid Chromatography

Sivannarayana P.*, K. Rambabu


A new reverse phase-high performance liquid chromatographic method for the assay of mupirocin and metronidazole in formulation has been developed and validated as per ICH guidelines. The present study was carried on Water’s X-bridge C-18 column (4.6 x150mm, 5μ particle size) with mobile phase containing a mixture phosphate buffer (pH 2.5) and acetonitrile in the ratio of 70:30, %v/v at a flow rate of 1.0ml/min with UV detection at 220nm in ambient column temperature. The retention times for mupirocin and metronidazole were found to be 2.153 and 3.157 min respectively with linearity in the concentration range of 20-60μg/mL for mupirocin and 10-30μg/mL for metronidazole respectively. The developed reverse phase-high performance liquid chromatographic method was found to be best suitable for pharmacokinetic studies of these mentioned drugs in formulations.


Mupirocin; Metronidazole; ICH Guidelines

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