Preliminary phytochemical and standardization of the plant Dregea volubilis., benth

Purushoth Prabhu T.*, Selvakumari S., Thirumal P., Dr. Susmitha, Dr. Deepthi


The plant extract of Dregea volubilis was screened for invitro and exvivo activities. Phytochemicals, chemical compounds that occur naturally in plants, are responsible for color and organoleptic properties, such as deep purple of blue berries and smell of garlic. The term is generally used to refer to those chemicals that may have biological significance but are not established as essential nutrien ts. Hence, medicinal plants have been receiving great attention worldwide researches because of the safe utility. The compounds that are responsible for therapeutic effect are usually the secondary metabolites. Phytochemical screening of the plant revealed the presence of alkaloids, glycos ides etc. In addition the values of percentage extractive and ash values, results of fluorescence analysis and phytochemical data will be helpful for the standardization and quality control of precious indigenous drug. The study scientifically validates the use of plant in tradi tional medicine.


Dregea volubilis; Asclepiadaceae; Fluorescence-analysis; Hexane; Chloroform.

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