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Assessment of biological properties of two south Indian medicinal plants of Bacopa monnieri and Anacardium occidentale

Daveedu Raju Madda*, Lavanya M., Sudhakar Pola, B. V. Sandeep


The concern for the anti-microbial activity is increasing day by day due to the speedy growth of resistance towards various antibiotics by microbes, which is due to the improper consumption of drugs. India has got plenty of floras (medicinal plants) which helps widely in the anti-microbial and anti-oxidant research activities. The study of anti-microbial and anti-oxidant activity in the present case is done on Bacopa monnieri and Anacardium occidentalis. Which is resulted in overcoming various bacterial strains due to high phenolic contents, as well as it consists of anti-oxidant properties which help in enhancing nerve impulse and also prevents the risk of cancer effects.


Anti-microbial activity; agar well diffusion; determination of total phenolic compounds; DPPH.

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