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Characterisation of ground waters for metal ions, pesticide residues and microbial content in selected agro based rural habitations in East Godavari region for quality evaluation

Satyanarayana P.*, P. V.S. Machiraju


The purpose of the present study is to provide a better understanding of the impacts of agricultural activities on ground water quality in some selected agro based rural habitations in East Godavari region of Andhra Pradesh, India. Ground water samples were collected from the nearby locations in the vicinity of agricultural activity areas and characterized for metal ions to assess metal toxicity, Pesticide residues to assess their impacts on ground water quality. The ground waters were analyzed for bacterial species to estimate the microbial contamination. The analytical results revealed that the concentration of metal ions is within the permissible limits of drinking water standards indicating the absence of metal toxicity in waters. The pesticide residue levels are at below detectable limit and can cause no concern on ground water quality. However, the waters are observed with bacterial species which can cause waterborne diseases. The waters are to be treated properly to remove the microbial contamination to protect the public residing in the nearby habitations who consume these waters for drinking or domestic purposes.


Ground Water; Metal ion; Pesticide; Bacteria; Characterization

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