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Synthesis and solvatochromic of 3-(4-N-Pyridine -2-yl benzene sulfonamide azo)-1-nitroso naphthol and use it for determination of trace amount of Cobalt (II) as complex

Fatma A. Khazaal, Hussein J. Mohammed*


The azo reagent 3- (4-N-Pyridine -2-yl benzene sulfonamide azo)-1-nitroso naphthol was synthesized and characterized by FT-IR, 1H-NMR and 13CNMR spectral techniques. The solvatochromism of the azo compound was studied by using different solvents. Spectrophotometric determination of cobalt (II) is based on the formation of a 2:1 complex with above reagent. The complex has λmax at (452) nm and Ԑmax of (2. 0567*104) L. mol-1. cm-1.A linear correlation (0.1- 3.5μg. ml-1) was found between absorbance at λmax and concentration. The effect of diverse ions on the determination of cobalt (II) to investigate the selectivity of the method were also studied. The stability constant of the product was (2. 68*108). The proposed method was successfully applied to the analysis of honey sample. 


Solvatochromic; 3- (4-N-Pyridine -2-yl benzene sulfonamide azo)-1-nitroso naphthol; cobalt (II); spectroscopy

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