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Effectiveness of alovera, glycerin, and cold application on superficial thrombophlebitis among patients

Chandrapal Yadav, Garima Samuel, Heena Bano, Shruthy Mol, Poonam Jaiswal, Rajeev Sootrakar, Saraswati Singh, Priyanka Shukla*


A comparative study to assess the effectiveness of Aloevera, glycerin and cold application on superficial thrombophlebitis among patients admitted in selected private hospitals of Bhopal city, Madhya Pradesh, India. The comparative descriptive design was used. Totally 90 samples were taken from the selected hospitals of Bhopal by using the demographic data collection method. The design used in research was pretest and posttest design. The comparative study was results like cold application was more effective as compared with aloevera and glycerin. In association with demographic variables there is a significant difference found between these aloevera, glycerin and cold application. Meanwhile the cold application was more effective while there is no difference between aloevera & glycerin.


Phlebitis; Grading Scale; superficial thrombophlebitis patients

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