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Maintenance and Analysis of Agricultural Data: A Challenge

Gupta N. K.*, Isaac R. K., R. K. Singh


Agriculture is the backbone of India and agriculture research is required for sustainable and modern agriculture. In India there are more than 1,00,000 agricultural scientists working for agricultural research and development ICAR, SAUs, KVKs, CSIR, IITs, NGOs, etc. large number of data are being produced by different scientist, researcher and student involved in various research work conducted on farm. The availability of huge data from the field of agriculture is needed to be translated in valuable and easily understandable format. Several data collecting agencies are working on state, central and international level. In spite of good no. of available software's, the information obtained through the analysis of data are, somehow, lacking in meeting their fate of serving the targeted communities-farmers, researcher and student. Loss of data means loss of national money. So there is need of proper Maintenance and analysis of agricultural data. Here vast information is collected related to the topic from different countries to evaluate what type of system are being used by them to solve the problem and also to prepare a strategy by adopting which maintenance and analysis of agricultural data in India will be possible. This will save not only the money but also the time for generating the same data and the valuable man power.



Agricultural Data; Analysis Tools; Storage; Management plan

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