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Sensitivity detection of Abacavir in human through SNP detection of HLA-B*5701 allele

Tanushree Mitra*, Shivshankar Kumdale, Sameer Chowdhary, Amol D. Raut


The main objective of this study was to make sure whether randomly taken 12 samples were sensitive to abacavir. The genomic DNA from 12 blood sample were extracted by phenol chloroform DNA extraction method, extracted genomic DNA were amplified and sequenced, thereafter SNPs were detected. Every sample had shown the presence of normal base at SNP position. This study indicated, those randomly taken 12 patients were sensitive to abacavir, so they can consume abacavir if they get infected with HIV.


Abacavir; Sensitivity; HIV; Genomic DNA; HLA-B*5701.

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