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Age and growth pattern of the thin-lipped mullet Liza Ramada in the Eastern coast of Libya.

Manal M. Khalifa, Ramadan A. S. Ali, Abdalla N. Elawad*, Mohammad El. ElMor


Age and growth characteristics of the thin-lipped Grey Mullet (Liza ramada) were investigated in Eastern coast of Libya. Aging was done by two methods: counting annuli on scales and by length frequency distribution, a total of 218 scales were studied for age determination, in addition of 334 fishes specimen for length frequency distribution reading. Four age groups were determined from scale reading, and five age groups from length frequency distribution methods, the parameters of the Von Bertalanffy growth equation for both sex of all individuals were estimated at 35.4 cm, 0.187 per year, -1.14 years and 2.4, for male were estimated at 35.7 cm, 0.17 per year, -1.367 and 2.3, for female were 38.6 cm, 0.156 per year, -1.383 and 2.4, for L∞, k and t0, and φ′, respectively.


Grey Mullet, Eastern Libya; length frequency; Von Bertalanffy.

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